What’s in a Handyman’s Bag? You’ll be Surprised!

A handyman’s ability to solve any problem is limited by the tools available to them. Whether you are a professional or someone who takes care of any problem by himself, you require a great set of tools available to you in your home just in case a problem needing repairs comes up.

With the advancement in technology and innovation, tools you may have inherited or acquired at a yard sale may not be adequate for modern repairs or a modern handyman. One requires modern day set of tools and below are most important tools in a handyman’s bag.

1) Safety Goggles.

The main concern of any handyman should be personal safety when doing repairs around the home. Safety goggles are one of the items that should not lack in a handyman’s tool bag. The goggles come in handy for woodwork, mechanic, welding and other tasks where chips may fly off.

They also protect against dust and fumes. Ideal goggles should be comfortable to wear and easily adjustable to fit. The lens should be clear and hard coated to protect the eyes and prevent scratches.

2) Work gloves.

When doing repairs, there are many hazards facing your hands and it is important for you to protect them. When worn, gloves can prevent cuts, burns, calluses, and blisters. Also, the gloves can improve the grip of other tools when working with them.

The ideal pair of work gloves that a handyman must have should be stretchable and flexible, offer excellent grip, have a closing strap to ensure they stay on, padded and offer insulation against cold weather.

3) A Portable power drill and drill bit set.

No handyman’s bag can be complete with a set of a power drill and drill bits. The drill bits are used to bore holes where screws or nails can be fixed in. They come in different sizes and dimensions in order to fit your requirements. The drill bits are attached to the power drill and used to drill the holes.

The power drill can also be used as a power screwdriver when driving bits are attached. A great set of drill bits should be durable and made of premium steel, have a parabolic spiral flute type for better and faster drilling and chip removal. They should also securely attach to your power drill.

4) Measuring Tape.

A measuring tape is a must-have tool for a handyman. A quality measuring tape should measure in both metric and imperial system, i.e inches and centimeters. It should be retractable and have a stop button that locks the tape when a desired length has been achieved. It should also have a lip to hook at the end of a material when measuring. Most long-lasting measuring tapes are made of stainless steel.

5) A screwdrivers’ set.

Sometimes it becomes ideal to use a manual screwdriver instead of an electric one. A handyman tool bag should have a good set of both star and flat screwdrivers.

6) Few adjustable pairs of pliers.

A pair of pliers can have lots of uses and no handyman should lack them. They can be used to lock or unlock screws, cut through cables and wires, and hold some parts still and firmly. Having a few pairs of them in different shapes and sizes can help you in a lot of places where other tools might not.

7) Quality Claw Hammer

This is the most common and the most needed tool for a handyman. A claw hammer should never miss in his bag, hence its quality must never be compromised. It is advisable to buy a quality and durable model even if you have to spend a little bit more. This is one tool you will have and need for life.

8) All-Purpose Handsaw or Hacksaw.

A handsaw/hacksaw can be used for different purposes. They are not majorly used but it is advisable to have one. You never know when it might be required. They are convenient than a table or circular saw and they are less costly than them. One should not lack in a handyman bag.

These are some of the basic and most required tools in a handyman bag. If you are starting out your bag, these are the first items you need to acquire. Some others you will get them as they are needed.