Essential gaming accessories

Any gamer knows that having the right gaming hardware and the right game is just half the fun. The other half comes from fully immersing yourself in the experience by customizing your gaming space with various equipment. In this article, you’ll find an overview of essential gaming accessories that make for a great battle station. Feel free to use it as a checklist for yourself or to search for your next gift for a gamer friend or family member.

Gaming keyboard

A gaming keyboard is essential for PC gaming. It’s often abused by rigorous key hitting so it needs to be extremely sturdy and durable. Every gamer has their own preferences when it comes to gaming keyboards. You need to choose whether it should be wired or wireless and mechanical or non-mechanical. Most of all, the keys should have quick responses so that gameplay isn’t compromised. A cool feature to look out for is LED backlighting that illuminates the keys from below.


To become fully immersed, any gamer will choose using headphones over not using them. This makes it easier to hear what’s going on in the game because one doesn’t need to worry about background noise – this is especially true if they don’t live alone. The resulting quicker reaction time is definitely worth the purchase. You can go with the usual headphone set or choose these earbuds that are perfect for gaming purposes. If you ever need to share the audio from the game – for example, when playing multiplayer – you can use a headphone splitter.

Gaming chair

Avid gamers spend plenty of hours in front of their screens so they need to be able to do it comfortably. A good chair will allow a gamer to focus on what’s in front of them rather than on sudden backpains. A gaming chair is something that a lot of people tend to neglect because after all, it’s only a chair. How much harm can sitting in any old chair do? Well, turns out that a lot, especially if one spends most of their time in it. A good ergonomic gaming chair will support your posture and prevent health problems.

Racing wheel

For players who like racing games, a gaming car wheel can make all the difference. You use it instead of the controller pad or the keyboard to drive your car with gestures, just as you would a real car. The authentic experience cannot be compared to anything else. They also often come with realistic foot pedals.

Gaming gadgets

There are many game-themed gadgets that will look perfect on any gamer’s desk. Controller pad holders that resemble iconic characters (so that you can have a Darth Vader holding your pad when you’re not using it) is a great gift for yourself or somebody else. Glasses that block blue light will allow gamers to give their eyes a break from harsh screens. Retro controllers that resemble the ones from older gaming consoles are great for people who want to emulate their favorite old games on their modern rig. The ideas are literally endless.

How to get started with woodworking

Woodworking has become one of the more popular hobbies that can be easily done at home. The term is very broad and includes carpentering, carving, and sculpturing, or any other kind of activity as long as the main material used is wood. Some people take up woodworking just to be able to make their own furniture, some make it into a profitable business. No matter what your goal is, the beginnings are usually the same.

Starting woodworking can seem daunting if you don’t have any idea about the process. The truth is that it can be a very rewarding hobby that combines manual skills with creativity. Creating something on your own can bring a lot of satisfaction and is definitely a better use of your time than sitting on the couch and binging another show.

Prepare your working space

Woodworking is a messy hobby and doing it in the middle of the living room can turn into a cleaning nightmare. If you have enough space it is best to set up your woodworking workshop in the garage or a separate room to avoid your hobby ‘spilling out’ into other areas of your life and possibly annoying other housemates.

If you don’t have such a room at your home then consider getting large amounts of tarp and tape so that you can cover up any furniture and other belongings before you start woodworking – similarly as you would when painting walls.

Get the proper tools

Depending on your budget, you can get a woodworking tools kit from a tools shop or one by one purchase the tools you need and slowly accumulate your own woodworking toolbox. To save on money, try to get tools that are versatile and can be used for many purposes.

One of the better makers of woodworking tools on the market is Garret Wade. They specialize in quality tools for not only woodworking but also gardening and any other outdoor work. Garret Wade tools are known for their quality and should serve you a long time as they are very durable. Working with Garret Wade tools is guaranteed to make your woodworking as enjoyable as it can possibly be. And if for some bizarre reason you aren’t satisfied with their products they offer an excellent return policy.

Start simple

Okay, once you’ve prepared your working space and purchased the right tools you can finally get your hands dirty and start woodworking. Don’t tackle any big and complicated projects in the beginning because you might start feeling overwhelmed and quit in frustration. Start small. Get a kit of pre-cut pieces of woods to make it easier to construct the item you want to create.

Projects suitable for beginners are usually items like planters, bird feeders, cup holders, or simple tables. There are plenty of tutorials available online that show the woodworking process step-by-step. At first, it is best to follow these kinds of tutorials instead of relying on one’s own imagination. For someone inexperienced with woodworking coming up with their own designs can result in items that fall apart when used. It is recommended to first make sure that you’ve learned all the basics.

5 Reasons Why You Will Love Steam Ironing

Ironing is generally not really fun but it is essential to have your clothes wrinkle-free altogether. The good thing is that you can avoid the normal ironing and opt for iron steaming which is even better and simpler. The moment that you realize the benefits of iron steaming, we are sure that you will bid farewell to the traditional ironing tool. All that said; take your time and have a look at the 5 reasons why you will love steam ironing below.

• Steam ironing is faster

As we all know, the normal ironing is time consuming and we know that when in a hurry, it might be difficult to get those wrinkles of your clothes. This is due to the so many tasks that are involved with it. You need to set up the ironing board and wait until the iron heats up so that you can start ironing. Sad to say, it is a bit time consuming to remove the tough wrinkles. On the other hand, with steam ironing, no set up or heating time is needed. All you have to do is hang your clothes and start steaming right away and that will remove even the tough spots.

• Steam ironing is much easier

With the traditional ironing, you have to lay your clothes in a specific manner in order to have your clothes ironed. That is not the case with steam ironing since you will just have to hang the clothes and you will be able to iron your clothes very comfortably. You also have the advantage of the removable water tanks that helps in making the steamer much lighter. If you get an iron steamer that has a large tank, you don’t have to worry since it will emit much steam for better ironing results.

• Better for your clothes

A lot of people are not aware of the damage that they bring to their clothes with an iron. In an attempt to remove the wrinkles from your clothes, you tend to rub the iron hard on the clothes that does much harm to the clothes. In that way, you will be crushing the fiber which will limit the lifespan of your clothes. With steam ironing, the wrinkles are eliminated in a very effective way without interfering with the fiber which largely contributes to the longevity of your clothes.

• Long lasting

In comparison with the conventional irons, steamers are more durable. This is because they have been crafted using quality materials that will last. You will realize that for the conventional irons, you will be visiting the repair shop every now and then to have the iron repaired which is not the case with the steamers. Purchasing a steamer will largely contribute in saving money that would otherwise been used for repairs or buying brand new irons every time you get some defects with your current iron.

• More applications

Irons are only restricted to the small pieces but with the steamers, you can remove wrinkles form different types of clothes in a very efficient manner. The good thing is that you will not consume a lot of time as it could be with the conventional irons. This is another reason why you need to shift to steamers due to their versatility. Check this guide to fabric steamers and steam irons.

How to Use a Steam Iron


These are some of the reasons why you are going to shift to steam ironing. However, there are more benefits that come with steam ironing and they are not restricted to the above. You can do more research but what we can assure you is that steam ironing is far much better than the traditional ironing that we are used to.

What’s in a Handyman’s Bag? You’ll be Surprised!

A handyman’s ability to solve any problem is limited by the tools available to them. Whether you are a professional or someone who takes care of any problem by himself, you require a great set of tools available to you in your home just in case a problem needing repairs comes up.

With the advancement in technology and innovation, tools you may have inherited or acquired at a yard sale may not be adequate for modern repairs or a modern handyman. One requires modern day set of tools and below are most important tools in a handyman’s bag.

1) Safety Goggles.

The main concern of any handyman should be personal safety when doing repairs around the home. Safety goggles are one of the items that should not lack in a handyman’s tool bag. The goggles come in handy for woodwork, mechanic, welding and other tasks where chips may fly off.

They also protect against dust and fumes. Ideal goggles should be comfortable to wear and easily adjustable to fit. The lens should be clear and hard coated to protect the eyes and prevent scratches.

2) Work gloves.

When doing repairs, there are many hazards facing your hands and it is important for you to protect them. When worn, gloves can prevent cuts, burns, calluses, and blisters. Also, the gloves can improve the grip of other tools when working with them.

The ideal pair of work gloves that a handyman must have should be stretchable and flexible, offer excellent grip, have a closing strap to ensure they stay on, padded and offer insulation against cold weather.

3) A Portable power drill and drill bit set.

No handyman’s bag can be complete with a set of a power drill and drill bits. The drill bits are used to bore holes where screws or nails can be fixed in. They come in different sizes and dimensions in order to fit your requirements. The drill bits are attached to the power drill and used to drill the holes.

The power drill can also be used as a power screwdriver when driving bits are attached. A great set of drill bits should be durable and made of premium steel, have a parabolic spiral flute type for better and faster drilling and chip removal. They should also securely attach to your power drill.

4) Measuring Tape.

A measuring tape is a must-have tool for a handyman. A quality measuring tape should measure in both metric and imperial system, i.e inches and centimeters. It should be retractable and have a stop button that locks the tape when a desired length has been achieved. It should also have a lip to hook at the end of a material when measuring. Most long-lasting measuring tapes are made of stainless steel.

5) A screwdrivers’ set.

Sometimes it becomes ideal to use a manual screwdriver instead of an electric one. A handyman tool bag should have a good set of both star and flat screwdrivers.

6) Few adjustable pairs of pliers.

A pair of pliers can have lots of uses and no handyman should lack them. They can be used to lock or unlock screws, cut through cables and wires, and hold some parts still and firmly. Having a few pairs of them in different shapes and sizes can help you in a lot of places where other tools might not.

7) Quality Claw Hammer

This is the most common and the most needed tool for a handyman. A claw hammer should never miss in his bag, hence its quality must never be compromised. It is advisable to buy a quality and durable model even if you have to spend a little bit more. This is one tool you will have and need for life.

8) All-Purpose Handsaw or Hacksaw.

A handsaw/hacksaw can be used for different purposes. They are not majorly used but it is advisable to have one. You never know when it might be required. They are convenient than a table or circular saw and they are less costly than them. One should not lack in a handyman bag.

These are some of the basic and most required tools in a handyman bag. If you are starting out your bag, these are the first items you need to acquire. Some others you will get them as they are needed.