Microphones explained: choosing the right mic for you

The world of music can be intimidating at first, with all the new things to learn, instruments to play, and side factors to consider. Two of those side factors that come into play a bit further down the path of all musicians are recording sessions and live gigs. For both of these, singers and instrument players need to have the right gear to help them out. This translates to amplifiers, cables, pedals, and more importantly, microphones. Microphones are at the center of the music business and learning how to pick the right one in every scenario is very important. Keep reading to learn all about the types of microphones and choosing the right one for you.

Dynamic mics: jacks of all trades

Dynamic microphones earn their name due to their incredibly versatile capabilities. The inner mechanics of this type of mic allow it to record sound in almost any circumstance. When you imagine a microphone, a standard dynamic mic is probably the first thing that you picture in your mind. These microphones are sturdy, durable, and reliable, so don’t hesitate to include one of these in your equipment list.

What are they good for, you say? Well, for pretty much anything. You will see people more commonly using them as vocal mics, but they can be used to record instruments as well. Dynamic mics don’t perform at their best when used for recording instruments that need more air and space to produce their typical sounds.

Condenser mics: quality comes at a price

Condenser microphones are the next on the list and they are perhaps the best at being microphones. What does this mean? Well, they just excel at sound recording thanks to their condenser mechanism. This mechanism is also what allows them to have different sound recording patterns, which translates into more overall options and directions from which to capture sound. They require power to work, though, so in that way, they also need some extra setup work. Of course, all of these features also make them more expensive in general.

They are great for vocals due to their inherent qualities but they shine their brightest at recording with precision and detail. Condenser mics come in different form factors, with the large-diaphragm condensers built to handle vocals, bass, and percussion better than small-diaphragm ones. The latter condenser microphone works best with acoustic instruments and classical music instruments.

Ribbon mics: vintage with a vengeance

Last but not least, ribbon mics come into this list like a literal blast from the past and showing us that not all old things are worth discarding. This microphone category figures as one of the best vocal mics in the golden age of radio, when they were the standard equipment used for broadcasts. The modern version has brought some of that sweet sound output and kicked it up a notch or two to also be able to handle some of the stronger sound sources like amplifiers, drums, and others.

Nowadays they can be used for whatever instrument you want, and even vocals too. Going for a ribbon mic is more a matter of sound output aesthetics than one of versatility or specialized use, some people might say. Adding that vintage feel to your vocals or guitar might give your song that special touch you were looking for, but there is no telling without trying first!

Top 3 MP3 Waterproof MP3 Players You Should Consider

Music is an amazing thing because it can give you a lot of pleasure right off the bat. We love music so much that we also want it to be with us when we are underwater. Therefore, we are going to let you know more about some of the best waterproof mp3 players money can purchase these days.

You have to read on because of we terrific things for you today. We will give you also the pros and cons of these gadgets, and you will love it.

Diver DB-10 Waterproof MP3 Player

The Diver DB-10 Waterproof MP3 Player will be your best companion when you are doing any kind of water activity out there including swimming.

Yes, the Diver DB-10 Waterproof MP3 Player is a godsend for anyone who loves water activities, and you will have a lot of fun with it right off the bat.


  • The Diver DB-10 Waterproof MP3 Player can be put under water for more than a day without sustaining any sort of damage at all.
  • The Diver DB-10 Waterproof MP3 Player also comes with a clip that you can easily attach onto any headband out there.


  • The look of the Diver DB-10 Waterproof MP3 Player might not be awesome.

Swimbuds Headphones

The Swimbuds Headphones are just what the doctor ordered because they will do what they are supposed to do and then some.

Yes, the Swimbuds Headphones are awesome, and you will truly have a blast with them at all times.


  • The Swimbuds Headphones are truly designed with all the effectiveness and efficiency that you can see in items such as this one.
  • The Swimbuds Headphones have a huge memory that you will love.


  • The songs might repeat a lot too.

100% Waterproof MP3 Music Player by H2O Audio

The 100% Waterproof MP3 Music Player by H2O Audio has the submersion power that you have been seeking in items such as this one.

With an IPX8 waterproof rating and an amazing design, the 100% Waterproof MP3 Music Player by H2O Audio is truly here to stay for a long time.


  • The 100% Waterproof MP3 Music Player by H2O Audio will allow you to make swimming fun again, and that is just part of the package too.
  • The 100% Waterproof MP3 Music Player by H2O Audio is truly designed for swimmers.


  • No volume.

Having a blast with these waterproof mp3 players is truly easy because they have been designed with this end in mind. Remember that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to put your hands on these amazing items because they are designed with this end in mind.

You will truly have fun while swimming because these items will give you all the music you might want to listen to during these activities. You can also take your water activities to the next level when you have this kind of items by your side, and that will be great too down the line these days.