How to get started with woodworking

Woodworking has become one of the more popular hobbies that can be easily done at home. The term is very broad and includes carpentering, carving, and sculpturing, or any other kind of activity as long as the main material used is wood. Some people take up woodworking just to be able to make their own furniture, some make it into a profitable business. No matter what your goal is, the beginnings are usually the same.

Starting woodworking can seem daunting if you don’t have any idea about the process. The truth is that it can be a very rewarding hobby that combines manual skills with creativity. Creating something on your own can bring a lot of satisfaction and is definitely a better use of your time than sitting on the couch and binging another show.

Prepare your working space

Woodworking is a messy hobby and doing it in the middle of the living room can turn into a cleaning nightmare. If you have enough space it is best to set up your woodworking workshop in the garage or a separate room to avoid your hobby ‘spilling out’ into other areas of your life and possibly annoying other housemates.

If you don’t have such a room at your home then consider getting large amounts of tarp and tape so that you can cover up any furniture and other belongings before you start woodworking – similarly as you would when painting walls.

Get the proper tools

Depending on your budget, you can get a woodworking tools kit from a tools shop or one by one purchase the tools you need and slowly accumulate your own woodworking toolbox. To save on money, try to get tools that are versatile and can be used for many purposes.

One of the better makers of woodworking tools on the market is Garret Wade. They specialize in quality tools for not only woodworking but also gardening and any other outdoor work. Garret Wade tools are known for their quality and should serve you a long time as they are very durable. Working with Garret Wade tools is guaranteed to make your woodworking as enjoyable as it can possibly be. And if for some bizarre reason you aren’t satisfied with their products they offer an excellent return policy.

Start simple

Okay, once you’ve prepared your working space and purchased the right tools you can finally get your hands dirty and start woodworking. Don’t tackle any big and complicated projects in the beginning because you might start feeling overwhelmed and quit in frustration. Start small. Get a kit of pre-cut pieces of woods to make it easier to construct the item you want to create.

Projects suitable for beginners are usually items like planters, bird feeders, cup holders, or simple tables. There are plenty of tutorials available online that show the woodworking process step-by-step. At first, it is best to follow these kinds of tutorials instead of relying on one’s own imagination. For someone inexperienced with woodworking coming up with their own designs can result in items that fall apart when used. It is recommended to first make sure that you’ve learned all the basics.